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Happy employees > satisfied customers > successful organisations

Organizations where employees feel happy, work effectively and where they support each other, show lots of energy and are as such more productive. The organization is only meaningful if she makes the world a better place and as such offers real added value for the customer. The customer will reward the organization and as such make growth and development possible for employee and employer. The organization evolves in a sustainable way and ignites (cash)flow and positive energy.

A succesful organization with a healthy working climate will only succeed if topmanagement, the teams ánd the employee commit to cooperate.

I guide your teams and employees in this process. Based on years of international experience as a manager in different multinationals, I easily understand via my approach the organization from within. I intervened often as a “connector” and I can look back on twenty years of successful cooperation with all people in a company: from blue collar worker to CEO, from audit to sales, from engineer to marketeer…

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Subconscious > Conscious > Meaningful change

I guide leaders and employees towards new insights about their personal and teameffectiveness and towards increased mental resilience. I facilitate a movement from subconscious to conscious. We can only show sustainable and authentic leadership if we know well what we stand for, who we are and realize which impact our behavior has on ourselves and surrounding people.

From these new insights, we work towards a growing transformation which leads to more energy, creativity and freedom, and as such we avoid burn-out and bore-out.

Understand > Want > Enable > Do (and adjust)

A transformation is most successful if we:

  1. Understand ourselves and how we can change
  2. If we wánt to change
  3. If we enable us to change: address resistance
  4. If we really do it and adjust if necessary
The approach consists of a combination of creating insights (head), creating desire from the heart, and action power (stomach).

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"There's only steering action possible if the boat moves forward. In other words, we can only adjust our direction towards our goal or learn something by taking action." 

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