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Marian Coaching in action


Possible subjects:

  • Shadowwork as key to individual transformation.
  • Leading Change
  • Personality profiles using Insights®
  • 'Strenghten your personal and teameffectiveness' using Insights®  Discovery

Together we analyze the needs of your organization and determine the adequate training plan. The purpose of the training is always to reach a maximum transfer to the day to day working conditions.

The training content contains theoretical evidence based knowledge and practical tools regarding personal effectiveness at work, and are lively presented using concrete examples and storytelling. The participant is challenged to apply the theory towards its personal working situation using exercises. During the training, there is room for dialogue regarding concrete examples presented by the participants.

Transfer is 'Key' what training concerns, therefore I offer additional individual follow-up-coaching to help people to integrate the theory in day-to-day work.

Katarsy Coaching & Training

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