Marian Bevernage - Business Coach


No time nor budget for day-long courses that are often only possible for a few employees?

Through these playful lectures of about one hour, you can reach áll your employees with decent insights regarding personal effectiveness and personal leadership. A practical exercise is included which can be applied immediately at the work place.


° 'Working together more effectively: your colleagues as your mirror.'

° Personal leadership: 'Living and working in harmony' 

My driving force: give new insights and motivate people in an original and refreshing way.

From my extended company experience and interest in human behavior, I'd like to build a bridge between business life and psychology, philosophy, science and purpose. Breaking box-thinking and getting out of our comfort zone gives us plenty of power and creativity. Positive energy that we urgently need in the business environment. As such we can avoid routine, burn-out and bore-out.

During the last five years, I have studied human behavior in the workplace by taking courses, reading, coaching and practical experience. Increasing inner leadership is my passion, and as such I applied these useful insights in the office. It helped me to work more effectively and efficiently. It was a kind of 'mental nutrition' for me. This is what I'd like to pass to my audience in a playful, decent and efficient way. Because not everybody has the opportunity, time nor the budget to follow courses or read books.

At the same time, another passion woke up, namely writing and public speaking. Via my courses 'Eloquence' and 'Creative Writing', I write my own lectures and create authentic, playful performances.

Tunnel vision

Some comments from an inspired audience:

'Via her performance, Marian lets you look into a mirror. She brings you work situations that you will definitely recognize and which encourage self-reflection. She does this in her very own open, funny and vulnerable way. Strongly recommended for everyone who wants to know why he is always running against the same walls or wants to improve cooperation with colleagues!' Isabelle Theunissen - Corporate Culture and Change officer at KBC

'Have enjoyed your presentation very much. Never forget it. I have to laugh again with the 'no' choice in your flowchart. Strong joke.' Bart Bouciqué, SAP Consultant

'So fascinating, original, clear and surprising' Ann Vandenbrande

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