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Find your keys to meaningful
and sustainable change

From subconscious to conscious ... 
towards positive change...
for more energy, happiness and productivity at work.

Supporting organisations, teams and individuals through meaningful and sustainable change, that is my mission. I'm especially passionate about impactful communication and leadership as key elements for motivation. As a certified coach and teamcoach, I'm very sensitive to the human aspect because organisational change is only possible thanks to individual change.

Marian Bevernage


Do you need a temporary replacement of a Manager in the field of Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, Customer Service? Are you looking for a driving force for your Change Projects?

With sound hands-on management experience in logistics, operations, supply chain, marketing, sales and leading teams, I enjoy striving towards a meaningful purpose in cocreation with a motivated team. I am especially passionate about open communication, lean operations and strong leadership, the key foundations for a high performing team focusing on customer excellence. 


°You wish to support your employees with coaching during change?
°Do you want to create agile and strong teams ready for leading change
° Do you want to support your executives with an individual coaching program regarding (self)leadership, impactful communication and change management?
°Would you like to strengthen cooperation via personal self-knowledge and connecting communication using Insights®Discovery?

I coach and facilitate your executives, employees and teams so they can grow via (self)leadership towards meaningful and sustainable change.


Together we analyze the needs of your organization and determine the adequate training plan. The purpose is always to reach a maximum transfer to the day to day working conditions.

The training content contains evidence based knowledge and practical tools regarding personal effectiveness and mental resilience at work, and are lively presented using concrete examples and storytelling. The participant is challenged to apply the theory towards his personal working situation using exercises.

Via Insights Discovery®  personal profiles and workshops, we can put in place a strong foundation for  effective teamwork and high performance.


Katarsy Coaching & Training

Benedestraat 313
1851 Grimbergen

Phone: +32 (0) 499 59 68 14