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Marian Coaching in action

COACHING - Individuals

Due to circumstances, we feel sometimes stuck in non-effective patterns. You experience less flow-moments. You know you are capable for more, but you cannot find the way, or you don’t have the energy to change. That is a sign that there are opportunities to approach life/work differently.

Take the first step and I offer you a sounding board, in an empathic and safe way.

New insights and broader self-awareness are ignited by coaching questions, using thinking frameworks and practical exercises. We explore and recognize resistance, emotions and limiting beliefs via psycho-energetic exercises. The way to self-realization is liberated.

As a consequence, you take better decisions, you show more effective behavior, and your creativity and intuition are more easily accessible.

This more congruent behavior ignites an interesting authentic development in line with your real identity and mission. Automatically, you show more charisma, you feel more energy and you can connect more deeply with people in your environment. 

We work in an active and result-oriented way, sometimes using humor or confrontation but always in a connecting, respectful and safe way. Every coaching ends with an commitment.

Possible subjects:

  • Self-reflection regarding your future: from stagnation towards dreams towards self-realization
  • How to cope with stress. Stress as a counselor.
  • Work-Life balance matters
  • Working on self-confidence: overcome your fear to fail. I.e. speaking in public.
  • Learn how to communicate in a convincing and connecting way.
  • Recognize perfectionism and learn how to deal with it.
  • From doubt, dilemma, procrastination towards the first concrete step
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • From nasty habits towards more effective functioning
  • Unveil your intuition and creativity
  • Improve your self-image
  • Soundboard in your spiritual quest

Katarsy Coaching & Training

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