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° Do you want to create agile, strong teams

° You wish to strengthen the mental resilience of your employees?
° You want to offer coaching to your employees regarding personal effectiveness?
° Do you want to support your executives
with an individual coaching trail regarding (self)leadership?

I support and facilitate your executives, employees and teams to unlock their potential by discovering their talents and capabilities. I offer development programs for managers, teams and employees to strengthen their mental resilience and their personal and teameffectiveness. A stronger cooperation within teams starts with understanding ourself and understanding others.

Leadership is not only important for top management but also for every responsible employee who wants to fully engage in its role within the organization.

My approach consists of the following stages:

  • Ignite insights on personal effectiveness, mindset and impact of ones behavior on himself and others using coaching questions and evidence based practical tools. Communication skills are sharpened via role-plays and constructive feedback.
  • Address resistance, overwhelming emotions and limiting beliefs: by practical exercises. As such, we enable the way towards positive change. I can empathize with the presented situations through my years of experience as an executive in international companies.
  • We work actively and result oriented, using concrete examples, a short powerful story, a piece of humor and confrontation, and always in a connecting, respectful and safe manner.
  • Every coaching ends with an commitment. Smalls steps lead often to big changes.

The coaching sessions can take place in your organization, or in the Katarsy-office in Grimbergen.

Building blocks which can be used during coaching and training:

  • Self-reflection about own mission, identity, talents and values: Logic Levels of learning (G.Bateson & R.Dilts), Why-How-What (S.Sinek), Values and Talentgame (L. Dewulf)
  • Personality profile tools, personal and teameffectiveness: Insights Discovery®
  • Appreciative Inquiry: transformation model for teams and individuals with the purpose to ignite change based on success stories in the past, positive approach (D. Coopperrider, S.Srivastva, F.Barrett, R.Fry)
  • Proces-oriented thinking: contemplation phase, powerful decision-phase, planning phase, initiative taking phase, action phase, flow, demand reward, enjoy the result, learning phase, active release-phase. 
  • Transcend duality in leadership(I. Brughmans)
  • Core Quadrant theory (D. Ofman)
  • Pygmalioneffect: you create your reality by your thoughts. Choose and focus.
  • Resistance: different levels (o.a. R. Maurier), recognizing and acknowledging resistance via experience-based exercises
  • Non Violent communication (M. Rosenberg), giving and receiving feedback (4 G’s)
  • Shadow: better cooperation by integrating 'shadow' (C.G.Jung)
  • Stress management: from 'automatic pilot' to 'neo-cortex' thinking (J.Fradin)
  • Energy management: energy consumers en energy leaks. Compensating or fulfilling behavior
  • Time Management Matrix: set priorities and cope with procrastination
  • Circle of Control: Know where your responsibility starts and ends and make the difference where you can.
  • From re-active to pro-active: Concretize your own professional goals, learn how to formulate SMART goals
  • People Management: 'Ram v eel', 'How to inform a decision?', confrontation-interview, alignment interview, How to delegate?
  • Ratio and intuition: learn to connect with your intuition and involve- next to ratio- when taking decisions.
  • Other

Examples where I could make the difference as a coaching leader:

  • Two quarrelers are now working together in a respectful way. By instating weekly meetings using connecting communication and clarity regarding tasks until the problems were solved and communication was improved.
  • Streamline communication regarding marketing budgets between departments: put the responsibility where it belongs, delegate to a maximum and enable technically. Connector between accounting and marketing using open communication. Not 'them', but 'we'.
  • From chaos, ‘meetingitis’ and overwork towards clear appointments and distribution of tasks, direct and clear communication towards other departments and timely go home.
  • Respect a colleague in her strengths and weaknesses and give her a more appropriate job where she feels better.

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